Just drove up to SF with Jenny Phamtastic to visit my good friend, Noah Cho.  He took us out on a hike in Muir Woods, really stunning place.  Apparently everyone in San Fransisco thought so too, we had to park on the street and walk for about 30 mins to get to the place, it was so crowded.  Can definitely see why, though - it was pretty incredible.

Kept hearing about this "junction"
Moss pretty much covered every tree
Found a few banana slugs
Here's a youtube of the banana slug munching on that clover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvb0tg6khq0 Aseem was feeling malicious, apparently.

We found a lot of "zen" rock piles as well
Ladybugs seemed to be attracted to them
Aseem, Jenny, and Noah being as anonymous as possible
Twisty tree
Thought this looked interesting
All in all, a great hike - was the perfect temperature too.  Can't believe it's around 60 degrees in SF during August, but makes for great hiking with zero sweat.