A few weeks back, Anha and I took a trip out near my hood to O'Neil Park to try to find some waterfalls.  Well, it turns out you need rain for water, so that didn't work out, but we decided to take a hike and see if we found anything interesting.  We decided on the most gruelingly-named hike on the map - "Edna."

Here are the results:
There were a few of these weird seed pods...I'm gonna call them... 
on the ground looked like dried up sponges.
Ah, Anha Nguyen, my partner in crime on 
most of my photographic exploits - this is her 
sporting her "hiking boots"

Thought this was a interesting contrast in texture and color

Over what seemed to be an endless hill was Rancho Santa Margarita

The only thing significant about this picture is that it was about this 
moment that I realized it would be a good idea to start checking for ticks.  
I think at first glance, I had 7 on my pants.

Shockingly, no lighting effects were added to this photo, that's actually the 
sun behind it.

I was shocked that I got a pretty decent and sharp image of the moon in the 
sky.  I upped all the blacks in the image above so you could see it better, 
but it was still faintly daylight at the time I shot this.

So at this point I started playing around with the HD video in the 7D - 
you'd be surprised how creepy it looks to watch a caterpillar munch 
on a flower in slow motion.  Those things are pretty ugly.

Feeling rather proud of myself for having made it 
through the wilderness, unscathed (aside from 
having been attacked by probably 2 dozen ticks), 
we called it a night and went back to my place to 
check the pictures.  It was then that I realized I 
hadn't removed ALL the ticks yet.  Sigh.