So Wedding Season is here, (ask anyone who's invited me to hang out on a Saturday), but weeknights can get boring without something to do.  Thank god for Headshots.  I set up a mini-studio in my living room with a gray paper backdrop and my two White Lightnings and it's been a LOT of fun to churn out some portraits.  Here's a few from the last few weeks - more to come next week!

Ronnie's getting into acting and wanted to have a few headshots to hand over to his agent.

Allie's been doing casual modeling for the past few years and wanted to have a few headshots for her own collection the next time anyone asked!

Brandi teaches Yoga and needed some unique headshots to add to her online profile.  We got a little creative with the shoot and plan to extend to some outdoor shots on the lake next week.  My shout out to Tony Horton for the inspiration on the lighting for this set!