Last summer I had the opportunity to shoot an Afghan Wedding reception, it was an amazing experience.  Maira & Mustafa invited me into a world I'd never seen before with unique and interesting traditions and some seriously incredible music.

This is also the wedding which introduced me to the talented Thanh Lai who works at the Hyatt where the couple was getting ready.  A truly gifted artist who's often featured in National Geographic's Your Shot Daily Dozen feature!

I know what you're thinking:  "Party Rock is in the Houuuse Toniiiight!"

The man had skills.

I'll admit it - I thought this was pudding.  Nasty looking pudding.  Turns out it was henna!

Some really interesting traditions!

Mustafa had to figure out a way to get the knife from her in order to cut the cake...

And some more familiar traditions (for me, at least!)