Here ya go: I second shot for Anha Nguyen for Tammy & Tim's Wedding last July.  Second shooting is a lot of fun and gives photographers a little more leeway when it comes to experimenting with new techniques.  After a short & sweet Vietnamese tea ceremony, everyone drove down to the church for the Catholic wedding service.  The church was gorgeous, I love the way the sunlight fell on the bride and groom during the ceremony.  Oh, and want to know a brilliant tip?  Stretch out the cocktail hour into almost 2.  That made sure that everyone was feelin' fine for the 9 course Vietnamese dinner.  I saw a few ladies trying to drink water out of the garden fountains.

This wedding was a TON of fun, oh and check out the bottom for the CRAZIEST garter toss I've ever seen...

keep it coming

Found a cool spot to shoot some portraits for the guests!  Anha begrudgingly modeled for it.

So did I.

OK here it comes