When he's not off defending our freedom and she's not off running marathons, this hilarious couple spends their time tearing it up in beautiful San Diego.  They decided to start their Engagement Session at the Santa Fe train station, a place I remember from an adventure back in college.  You know how in the movies where some guy is late for a train and ends up running to catch up to it, jumps on, and waves his hat in the wind?  I did that - and I wish someone saw it, cuz I felt really cool.

It was honestly difficult to capture a moment with this couple where one of them wasn't bursting out laughing - they have so much fun together.  After a few shots at the train station, we moved onto Balboa Park, and then finished up with some studio-esque type shots in their apartment for their save-the-dates.  Oh and then they bought me sushi.  Awesome.

Stay tuned, I'll be posting their wedding images from beautiful St. Lucia soon...

Ahh, it feels good to blog again.